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Can I Claim for a Work Accident on a Zero Hours Contract?

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Can I Claim for a Work Accident on a Zero Hours Contract?

The answer depends on the circumstances of the accident but in general the answer is: Yes.

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Zero hours contracts have been in the news a lot and one of the biggest bones of contention is whether or not workers are being given sufficient protection from the law in relation to their employment.

This might be, for example, in the protection of employees against unfair dismissal or the right to redundancy pay. But another issue which may well raise the question is when the person on a zero hours contract has an accident at work.

In these circumstances, not only may the employee be left fearing for their employment protection in that particular job but they might also be unable to carry out any other job either. So, what can you do when your very livelihood may have been put at risk in this way?

Going back to first principles, the employer will have a fundamental duty to take reasonable care of his premises under the Occupiers' Liability Act 1957. In addition, there are various other duties in relation to Health and Safety that an employer has in relation to the workplace.

Of course, each case will very much depend upon exactly how the work accident occurred, what exactly was the working relationship and whether or not the employer was at fault for the accident.

In relation to some of the safety provisions the employer may try to argue that they shouldn't apply and that they are not in fact employing that person at all. To counter that a court may apply various tests including potentially looking at the degree of control an employer has over the employee and his or her work.

But without going into the various technical arguments which may exist, the reality is that an employer would be at a very specific risk of liability if an accident did indeed occur on his premises due to his lack of care in one form or another.

All this underlines how helpful it can be to get expert legal advice from Personal Injury Lawyers that specialise in workplace accidents so that any arguments which may be put can be tackled in just the right way.

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