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Your Guide to claims for accidents at Work

Workplace accidents cause thousands of serious injuries every year. Here are some of the facts you'll need to know if you make a claim.

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Your Guide to claims for accidents at Work

Workplace accidents cause thousands of serious injuries every year. Here are some of the facts you’ll need to know if you make a claim.

Been harmed in the workplace?

Every workplace can be dangerous, even offices and shops. If you work in a really dangerous industry – such as farming or forestry, construction or demolition – there are hazards all around you. The good news is that every employer has a Duty of Care to keep you safe in the workplace, so when things go wrong, you have every right to claim compensation for any illness or injury that resulted from your job.

How long have I got to make a workplace injury claim?

The general rule for every injury compensation claim is that you have three years from the date of the accident to start your claim. The one big exception to this rule is where symptoms of your illness or injury didn’t show up until much later. For example, people with asbestos conditions might not know they have one until many years after their exposure to asbestos. In cases like this, you have three years from being diagnosed with an asbestos related condition to make a claim.

Who actually pays for my compensation claim?

Many people don’t like to sue an employer, in case they get fired. The law says that you are perfectly entitled to claim compensation for an accident or illness caused by your job, and that your employer isn’t allowed to fire you or even treat you any differently because of your claim.

It’s also worth knowing that very few companies pay you compensation out of their own money. That’s because the law makes every employer carry an Employers’ Liability Insurance policy. These generally have a limit on claims of up to £10 million, ensuring that however serious your accident or illness, your company always has a means to pay you the compensation you deserve.

What if the company has gone bust?

You might think that if a company you used to work for has gone out of business, there’s no point making a claim for illness or injuries caused when you worked there. While that’s a logical thing to assume, the fact is that Employers’ Liability Insurance policies are taken out on a ‘claims occurring’ basis. This means that as long as your employer had Employers’ Liability Insurance for the period you worked there, you can still claim against that insurance policy, even if the company you worked for no longer exists.

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