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The UK's Top 5 Killer Jobs

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The UK’s Top 5 Killer Jobs

Can you guess what the most deadly job is? Join us as we count down the most dangerous and deadly jobs in the country with a list of the top five killer jobs in the UK.

5. Bin Men

With an average fatality rate of 7.8 workers per 100,000, bin men have it tough.

Most maladies are caused not by exposure to rubbish but by slips and trips and, worst of all, being knocked down by moving vehicles. Cars are big killers in the UK as we learn in the number four killer job.

4. Professional Drivers

One in every four fatal car crashes involves a driver who is working at the time of the collision.

This means that commercial and lorry drivers really are in ‘the danger seat’, with 54,000 work vehicles involved in road traffic accidents every year in the UK.

3. Rig Workers and Miners

If you work on a rig the nearest hospital is often very far away, decreasing your chances of being saved should you have a serious work accident involving heavy machinery or caused by extreme weather conditions.

Meanwhile, miners are at risk of more than just being caved in. They could die from fires, floods or explosions. With 9.6 workers per 100,000 killed working in mines, it’s a relief that there are only three active mining sites in the UK in which to apply this dangerous profession.

2. Builders

With more deaths than any other industry in the UK, construction comes second place in our list of killer jobs.

Builders are in danger of being crushed by heavy loads, struck by moving vehicles and even electrocuted. But the most of the fatal accidents in construction are caused by falling from height. Indeed, 45 per cent of fatal injuries to people working in construction are a result of falling from height.

1. Agricultural Workers

It takes a brave person to work in agriculture knowing that the sector has the highest death rate in the UK.

Heavy machinery and animals can kill farm hands and forestry workers and, like rig workers, being exposed to the elements there is an increased risk of slipping, tripping and falling for fishermen. Not to mention the chance of being drowned at sea.

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