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3 Things Builders Should Check Before Working on Construction Sites

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3 Things Builders Should Check Before Working on Construction Sites

With more deaths than any other industry in the UK, construction is one of the most dangerous sectors to work in. There are a few things you should know before entering a construction site that will help keep you safe at work.

3 Things Every Builder Should Check Before Starting Work on a New Construction Site

  • 1. Management: In order to control health and safety risks your work must be properly managed. Examples of proper management include:
    • Time Management - You should be informed of the time you have set aside for planning and preparation. This might be referred to as your set lead time.
    • Welfare Facilities - There should be adequate welfare facilities for yourself and the rest of the workforce.
  • 2. Training: You should have received training before you start work on a construction site. This should include the following:
    • Site Rules – To ensure everyone’s safety.
    • Site Induction – So that you know your way around.
    • Risks and Precautions – The risks identified in the risk assessment should be highlighted to you and the precautions put in place to combat this, explained.
  • 3. Work Processes: Processes must be in place in order to manage project risks. Examples include the following:
    • Emergency Procedures – You should be made aware of the plans there are in place in case of emergency.
    • Secure Site Access – Unauthorised persons should not be able to enter the site. If a member of the general public were to enter the site they might have an accident themselves and could pose a risk to construction workers.
    • Accident Log – All accidents at work should be recorded with details of the injury and how the accident occurred.There should be a procedure set up for recording accidents on the construction site.

If you have an accident at work that is a result of poor management, a lack of appropriate training or flawed work processes you have the legal right to claim compensation.

You also have a work accident claim if you suffer a health problem due to the construction site you worked on being unsafe.

The Personal Injury Lawyers at Claims Direct deal with construction industry accident compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis.

If you were to make a construction site accident at work claim, the compensation for your injuries would come from your Employers’ Liability Insurance and not from your employer directly. So there is no need to worry about your employer’s pocket as it is the insurer that would pay your compensation.

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