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What do I do right after an accident?

If you have been injured in the last three years and it wasn’t your fault, follow our simple guide about what to do next.

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What do I do after I've been injured?

Whether you've been injured in a car accident, an accident at work, or through a slip, trip or fall, you may need to claim injury compensation. That's why it's important to take the right steps after any accident, to give you the best possible chance of making a successful claim. Find out how below, or feel free to talk to one of our friendly advisors on 0800 175 7900.

Step 1. Stop and think.

If you've been in a road accident, the law says that you must stop to make sure there is no damage to other people, vehicles or objects. This is also when, as long as you aren't too badly hurt, you should take photos of the scene, including other vehicles involved. If anyone is hurt, the Police must be called, and you should also get the names and addresses of any witnesses.

Even if your accident wasn't a road accident, it's a good idea to follow the same steps as above. Stop to check on exactly how badly you're hurt before doing anything else. After all, you don't want to make things worse by carrying on regardless if you really need an ambulance instead. Ask people you're with or passers-by to act as witnesses and get their contact details. Call an ambulance if you need one, and take as many photos as possible, of the scene as well as your injuries, if you are able to.

If you're too badly hurt to take photos and get witness details, try to get someone you trust to do so on your behalf as soon as possible: a colleague if you're at work, and a friend or family member if you're anywhere else. Evidence is essential to every successful injury compensation claim.

Step 2. Get all of the evidence together.

In injury compensation claims, proving who is at fault is essential. That's because your lawyer needs to know who to file a claim against, as well as having the proof that they are liable for your injury. So before you contact Claims Direct, it is a good idea to have a file or envelope containing as much evidence as possible. If you have been in a road accident, this should include:

  • A sketch of the road layout, showing where vehicles came from, and where they ended up
  • Your recollection of the accident, which you should write down as soon as you are able to
  • Any photographs of the scene, vehicles, people and injuries involved
  • The registration number, colour and make of all vehicles involved
  • Insurance details and driver details of all vehicles involved
  • The names, addresses and contact details of any witnesses
  • The names and numbers of any police officers who attended the accident
  • Details of any doctor's appointments, hospital visits or hospital treatment as a result of your accident
  • Receipts for any costs you have incurred, including taxis and medical bills because of the accident
  • Proof of any loss of earnings as a result of the accident

If you have been in any other kind of accident - from a trip in the street to an accident at work – it is equally important to get a file of evidence together, that should include:

  • A sketch of the scene, including notes about hazards that shouldn't have been there
  • Location details – to establish who was responsible
  • Photographs of the scene, and your injuries
  • Details of any medical attention you received – at the scene and later on
  • Names, addresses and contact details of any witnesses
  • Your recollection of the accident, written as soon as possible after it happened
  • Receipts for any expenses, such as taxis and medical expenses as a result of the accident
  • Proof of any loss of earnings as a result of the accident

Step 3. Start a No Win No Fee injury compensation claim.

Once you have gathered all of the facts and photos together, call Claims Direct to talk about making a No Win No Fee injury claim, armed with all of the evidence we need to help you claim what is rightfully yours.

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