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What Qualifies as Special Damages in Personal Injury Claims?

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What Qualifies as Special Damages in Personal Injury Claims?

In the context of personal injury claims there is a term that is sometimes used in certain circumstances. This term is 'special damages.'

Special damages is used to describe measurable money paid out to the claimant that covers the cost of any out of pocket expenses that they have had to pay out, or any money they have lost from income due to their injury.

Special damages can include but are not limited to:

  • loss of earnings and future loss of earnings if the injuries are such that a future loss arises;
  • pension loss;
  • expenses incurred in travel;
  • expenses for treatment either from the hospital or any self-purchases of medication;
  • nursing care provided;
  • cost to repair or replace damaged property;
  • cost to modify property, e.g. house or car;
  • rehabilitation costs.

Special damages are awarded to claimants alongside the money from general damages; these are the accident and injury themselves. The assessment of whether or not you will receive special damages is conducted during the processing of your personal injury claim.

If you pay for smaller items such as travel costs to and from medical appointments, medical treatments, repairs or replacements of damaged property, ensure you retain proof of purchases and proof of payment. This is to ensure a true account of the expenses you have incurred and ensures you receive the correct amount of money to cover your costs.

To prove a loss of earnings as a result of your injury, you can present your wage slips to your personal injury lawyer so they can work out how much money you have lost out on earning due to not being able to go to work.

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