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Can I Claim if I Slip on Wet Leaves on the Pavement?

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Can I Claim if I Slip on Wet Leaves on the Pavement?

Autumn is a beautiful time of year. Clear days, fruit harvests and the changing colours of the leaves are the reason why so many of us go walking at the weekends, just to take in all the beauty.

Colourful autumn leaves may be a photographer's dream but they can be a nightmare for many pedestrians when they fall on the ground and present a trip hazard.

Leaves falling on the ground throughout autumn can be very dangerous indeed, something that many people don't realise as they're out and about taking in all that the season has to offer. Slip and trip injuries are common at this time of year as the fallen leaves carpet over uneven or defective pavements that would otherwise be seen by the naked eye.

There's also the danger of wet leaves. Not just from rain but as a result of drains becoming blocked. Leaves can collect in drains as they fall from trees and, if not collected, can block the drains, causing water to overflow onto the pavement. Leaves on the footpath itself eventually decompose and become slushy due to pedestrian traffic, making the pavements very slippery indeed.

Wet Leaves and Claims Against the Council

Pavements that are literally "under attack" from autumn leaves are a problem for councils up and down the country.

The slip and trip hazard in Norwich was reported in the local press last year, with a council spokesperson saying that people with limited mobility are particularly at risk.

Many people have written letters to their local council, urging them to sweep up fallen leaves to prevent slips and trips. Establishing a regular leaf clearance schedule should be a priority for councils at this time of year, but there are fears that ongoing budget cuts could mean that local authorities sweep up leaves much less frequently than in previous years.

Councils are under a duty to ensure that pavements do not present an injury risk and slip and trip claims are not unheard of at this time of year. If you have been injured because of slipping on wet leaves whilst walking along a public pavement then you could be entitled to compensation from the council if you can prove they have been negligent in their duty.

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