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No Win No Fee sporting venue injury claims

If you have been injured at a sporting venue, our lawyers are here to help you claim the compensation you deserve.

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How much is my sporting event injury claim worth?

If you have been hurt at a sporting venue, your claim could be worth several thousands of pounds. Find out how much your injury might be worth with our 30-second claims calculator or call one of our friendly advisors on 0800 175 7900.

Will I have to pay to claim compensation for my injury?

We are proud to offer No Win No Fee injury compensation claims to around 98% of our customers. So you won't have to pay Claims Direct any money up front, because we only get a fee when we win you rightful compensation. This offers you all the peace of mind you need to start your claim, because we make sure you can never be left out of pocket.

Will I have to go to court for a sporting venue injury claim?

Unless you have suffered a very serious injury, most sporting venue injury claims will be dealt with between your Claims Direct lawyer and the sporting venue's lawyers or insurance company. Obviously, if there is a dispute over who is at fault, some cases can go to court, but this is quite rare.

What sort of things can I claim for?

If you have been hurt through no fault of your own in a sporting venue in the last three years, you should be compensated for all of the injuries and financial losses that were caused by the accident. This means some of the things you might be able to claim for include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of future income
  • Medical expenses
  • Physiotherapy

What can I claim for?

But however serious or minor your injury, if it wasn't your fault and it happened in the last three years, you are probably entitled to claim compensation.

What sort of sporting venue injuries can I claim for?

Sporting venues can be home to all sorts of hazards, and you might be surprised by how many claims we make on behalf of people who have been hurt at football and rugby matches, not to mention cricket matches and ice hockey games. Some of the most common sporting venue injuries we see include:

  • Crushing injuries: where stewards have failed to manage the crowd properly and you have fallen or been squashed as a result
  • Broken bones and bruising: where you have fallen over an obstacle in a stairwell or gangway
  • Broken bones and bruising: where you have been hit by a stray golf ball, cricket ball or hockey puck
  • Serious injuries: caused by motorsports vehicles leaving the track and hitting spectators

While these are all quite different injuries, the common theme is that the venue owners or event organisers are probably at fault, if they haven't taken every precaution to make sure that spectators are kept safe.

Who's to blame for my sporting venue accident?

The owners of every sporting venue have a Duty of Care to make sure that spectators and other visitors are kept safe. This duty involves:

  • Keeping gangways and stairways clear of obstacles
  • Ensuring that corridors and stairwells are properly lit
  • Ensuring that crowds are properly stewarded to prevent crushing
  • Ensuring that stands and seating are safe to use

Unfortunately, sporting venues don't always get everything right, and when things go wrong, ordinary people can be injured through no fault of their own. So if you have been injured at a sporting venue in the last three years, talk to one of our friendly advisors about making a No Win No Fee compensation claim now on 0800 175 7900.

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