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How much is a mental health negligence claim worth?

Everyone is entitled to the best mental health care. When this doesn't happen, things can go from bad to worse for patients. Learn more about compensation with our 30-second claims calculator or call one of our friendly advisors on 0800 175 7900.

Will I have to pay to claim for mental health negligence compensation?

We know that mental health issues can make life difficult for the whole family, particularly if it has led to a tragic end for someone you loved. To make things a little easier, we offer No Win No Fee compensation claims for around 98% of our customers. This means you won't have to pay Claims Direct any money up front, and we will only get a fee when we win you rightful compensation.

Will I have to go to court for a clinical negligence compensation claim?

In the vast majority of cases, we act for patients and their families by dealing directly with the NHS Trust that you believe was negligent in their treatment. We can't promise that your case won't end up with a court hearing, but this is quite rare, and something we would generally try to avoid. After all, there is no point in making life more stressful for everyone than it needs to be.

Who can claim when mental health care negligence has occurred?

If you sought help for recognised mental health issues and have suffered further psychiatric injury because you either had to wait too long for care to start, or the care you received was negligent or inadequate, you may be able to claim for medical negligence. Even so, your claim would have to relate to a recognised mental condition. So suffering from grief or an emotional upset might not qualify, while all of these conditions generally would:

Unfortunately, where care for a mental health condition has been too late in starting, or has been negligent, some patients can self-harm or even take their own lives. In tragic cases like this, all of these people might be able to make a medical negligence claim on behalf of the deceased:

  • Husband, wife, or civil partner: even if they have split up from the deceased
  • Cohabiting partner: as long as they lived together for at least two years
  • Parents, grandparents and great grandparents
  • Children: including nieces, nephews, grandchildren and adopted children
  • Brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles

Click here for more on claiming on behalf of another.

In either case, claims must be made within three years of the death though, so it is important to speak to us as soon as you feel able to, in order to start your mental health negligence claim.

Who's to blame for negligent mental health care?

Mental illnesses can be hard to diagnose, and many of the negligence cases we deal with are caused by the failure of a GP or another medical professional to spot the seriousness of someone's mental state when they should have done. Other reasons for mental health negligence claims include:

  • When a patient has been injured while in a mental health facility
  • When there has been a long delay before treatment began
  • When someone has been released from a secure facility before they were ready and harmed themselves or someone else
  • When someone has suffered harm or abuse while in a secure facility
  • When the wrong medication has been prescribed

In all of these cases, even if you feel that your GP's surgery is to blame, we would seek to make a claim against the NHS on your or your relative's behalf. To find out more, talk to us about making a No Win No Fee compensation claim today. 0800 175 7900.

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