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3 Facts About Whiplash Compensation Claims

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3 Facts About Whiplash Compensation Claims

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries associated with road traffic accidents, and according to the Association of British Insurers almost 1,200 whiplash compensation claims are made each day in the UK.

Usually caused when a stationary car is hit from behind by another vehicle, whiplash occurs when the head suddenly jerks forwards, backwards or sideways, causing the ligaments and tendons in the neck to become damaged.

It's an often misunderstood injury and not everyone is aware that they can claim compensation for whiplash. So, here are three facts about whiplash injuries – and the claims process – that you might not be aware of.

  • 1. Symptoms may not appear right away

    It can take between six and 12 hours for whiplash symptoms to first make an appearance.Usual symptoms include pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders but some people also experience blurred vision, nausea and lower back pain.

  • 2. It can sometimes take a while to heal

    According to NHS guidance, most people with whiplash get better within a few days. Some people, however, find that their whiplash injuries endure for some time.Whiplash can sometimes last for a few weeks, with pain and stiffness in the neck gradually worsening in the days that immediately follow the accident. For some unfortunate people that suffer from chronic whiplash, it can take six months or more to fully recover.

  • 3. Every whiplash claim is different

    At Claims Direct, our personal injury lawyers are often asked how long the whiplash compensation claim process will take.it's a difficult question to answer as it all depends on the exact circumstances of your case. Things like how the accident was caused, medical evidence and the severity of your whiplash injury can all be factors affecting the outcome of your claim.Having a chat with one of our specialist whiplash lawyers is the best starting point as they will be able to advise you how much compensation you're likely to get and how long the claim is likely to take.

Claims Direct personal injury lawyers are experts in helping people claim whiplash compensation. Your claim will be assessed on a No Win, No Fee basis, meaning there's no financial risk to you.

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