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No Win No Fee passenger accident claims

If you have been hurt in an accident when you were a passenger, our lawyers are here to help you.

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How much is my passenger accident injury claim worth?

Passengers are often badly hurt in car, bike and public transport accidents. Find out how much your claim could be worth with our 30-second claims calculator or call one of our friendly advisors on 0800 175 7900.

Will I have to pay to claim?

Here at Claims Direct, we believe in justice for all. So we are proud to offer No Win No Fee claims to around 98% of our passenger injury claim customers. This means you will never be out of pocket, because we only get a fee if we win compensation for you. Many of our customers say that this gives them the confidence and the peace of mind they need to start a claim.

Will I have to have a medical for my passenger accident claim?

Yes, even low speed accidents can cause injuries that only a medical expert can prove exist. And if you have been seriously injured, we also need to know how long your injuries might take to heal. This is especially important in whiplash cases, where some injuries can take a long time to settle down. So we will almost certainly ask you to see a medical expert to help us get the facts we need to make your claim a success.

Will I have to go to court for a passenger accident injury claim?

It's quite rare for passenger accident compensation claims to make it to court. In most cases, they will be settled between your Claims Direct lawyer and the insurance company of whoever was at fault for the accident. This may be important to you if you were hurt as the passenger of a friend or family member. So you can rest assured that your claim isn't 'you against them', it will be your lawyers against their insurers.

What sort of passenger accident injuries can I claim for?

We can help whether you were the pillion passenger on a motorbike, a passenger in a car, or a passenger on public transport. In almost every case, if you were a passenger, it is likely that your driver or another driver was at fault. By far the most common injury sustained by car passengers is whiplash, caused by a sudden stop or a jolt from behind. If this happened to you, you may have symptoms like:

Even so, we know that passengers can also have far more serious injuries, especially in high-speed collisions, or where you were a pillion passenger. So if you have been hurt as a passenger in any accident that was someone else's fault, talk to one of our friendly advisors today.

Who is responsible for my passenger injury accident?

If you've been hurt in an accident while you were a passenger, it's almost certain that someone else is at fault. This could be:

  • The driver of the vehicle you were in
  • The driver of another vehicle
  • The local council, if road conditions were to blame

Importantly, in every case, your claim will be against the insurance company of the 'at fault' party. So even if you were being driven by a friend or relative at the time of your accident, you should still claim, as they won't be paying your compensation out of their own pockets, and you will almost certainly need it.

Can I claim if I wasn't wearing a seat belt?

The law says that every car passenger has to wear a seatbelt, so you may have broken the law if you weren't at the time of your accident. Having said that, you are still allowed to claim compensation for your injuries, though these may be reduced by up to 25% in cases where you weren't wearing a seat belt.

What can I claim for?

Whether you were the passenger in a car, on a motorbike or on public transport, being in an accident can leave you with serious injuries that can lead to pain, suffering and financial losses.

So if you have suffered injuries in a crash when you were a passenger, you may be entitled to claim compensation for:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Future loss of earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Physiotherapy
  • Private medical expenses

What can I claim for?

Start your passenger injury claim today by asking us about making a No Win No Fee compensation claim. Talk to one of our friendly advisors now on 0800 175 7900.

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