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Yes! Learner Drivers Can Be Blamed for Causing a Crash

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Yes! Learner Drivers Can Be Blamed for Causing a Crash

Road traffic accidents can occur in all manner of ways, but would you expect a learner driver with a qualified driving instructor in the passenger seat to crash into you and your vehicle? Probably not.

You’d expect the qualified driving instructor to make use of the duel controls to prevent an accident from happening.

However, this isn’t always the case. A recent article by the Daily Mail revealed that more than 400 people crashed the learner car they were driving whilst on their driving test last year. If you have an accident whilst on a driving test, it is classed as a serious fault and ultimately a fail.

What Can you do as an Experienced Driver?

As an experienced driver, in order to not intimidate learner drivers or make them nervous, you should respect the fact that they are learners and that it may take them a little longer to set off from stopping at traffic lights or junctions, for example.

You should ensure you keep a safe distance between your bonnet and the boot of the learner vehicle. If you don’t do this they could suddenly panic and break sharply, leading to you crashing into the back of their vehicle. You were a learner once too, so remember that it may be a daunting and nerve wracking experience for the learners on today’s roads.

The Law

Legally, all learner drivers must ensure they have a suitable supervisor to accompany them on their lesson to keep them safe and prevent the risk of a road traffic accident.

All learner drivers are required to be insured to drive the vehicle they are learning in and ensure the vehicle is fit to be driven.

All supervisors responsible for learner drivers must be over 21-years-old, ensure red L-plates (not green new driver L-plates) are visible on the front and back of the vehicle, or on the top of the vehicle that can be seen from the front and back.

Whilst supervising a learner driver, supervisors are considered to be the person in control of the vehicle, regardless of the learner being the person behind the wheel. As the supervisor is considered to be in control of the vehicle, they need to be mindful that they still need to abide by the same legal rules of the road. This means they can’t be under the influence of alcohol or use a mobile phone, for example.

What to do if you are Involved in a Car Accident with a Learner

Just because they are learner drivers doesn’t mean they are not responsible for their own actions if they cause an accident.

Learner drivers have the same duty of care when on the roads as experienced drivers, so if they are at fault for causing an accident and you were injured as a result, you can claim compensation from their insurers, just like you would if they were an experienced driver.

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