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Human Error and Other Causes of Road Traffic Accidents

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Human Error and Other Causes of Road Traffic Accidents

Car accidents can be caused by many factors. In statistics published by driving-test success.com, human error is far more likely to be the cause of a car accident regardless of the driver being at fault or perhaps a pedestrian who stepped into the road without looking.

However, regardless of human error, there are other factors which can just as easily cause a car accident:

1. The Weather

It doesn’t have to be raining or snowing to potentially cause a road traffic accident, high winds, especially on motorways can cause lorries and other heavy goods vehicles to tip over which could be fatal to both the lorry driver and other road users.

The glare from the sun is also potentially dangerous to drivers because when the sun is in your eyes, you can’t see too far ahead at the road in front and the driver’s view is severely obstructed. The sun’s glare is even worse if it’s been raining because the sun reflects in the water left on the road, making it harder to see.

2. Speed

Speed has a major impact on the roads. This is why speed limits were put in place so that both drivers and pedestrians are safe on the roads. For instance the roads near schools and other residential areas have speed limits of between 20mph and 30mph.

If drivers fail to abide by the speed limits put in place, not only are they breaking the law but putting themselves and others at risk of injury.

3. Vehicle Defects

If your car tyres are incorrectly inflated, either not enough air or too much air, this can cause problems which could potentially lead the driver to lose control of the vehicle.

Defective brakes and or lights on a vehicle are dangerous not only for the driver but also for other road users if they are unaware of the movements or the defective vehicle such as indication and reversing etc.

The factors listed above are just a few things to think about when using the road.

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