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Your guide to upper body injury claims

If you, or a loved one, have suffered an upper body injury that was someone else’s fault, you need help from experienced lawyers.

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What is an upper body injury?

The Upper Body includes everything from your head down to your hands, meaning that there are lots of very serious upper body injuries. It goes without saying that severe head injuries can cause brain damage, and even mild head injuries can lead to a loss of taste or smell. Neck and spine injuries can also be incredibly serious, particularly if they lead to paralysis, and even the loss of a finger can leave you unable to lead your life as you did before your injury. That's why compensation claims for upper body injuries often include interim payments and sums to cover things like nursing care.

Will I get an interim payment for an upper body injury?

If an accident that wasn't your fault has left you unable to work – even temporarily – we will often ask the 'at fault' party's insurance company to make an interim payment as soon as they have accepted liability. After all, even being off work for a month or two will put most people in financial trouble. Where you are likely to be unable to work permanently, your Claims Direct lawyer can also do things like writing to your bank, mortgage lender or landlord to explain the situation, and put them in the picture about when you might expect to receive an interim payment or even full and final settlement of your claim.

What if my upper body injury has left me unable to look after myself?

If you, or a family member, have been left unable to look after themselves by an upper body injury, we won't simply seek an interim payment to help you meet the cost of bills and other living expenses. Where nursing care is needed, perhaps because of brain damage or paralysis, we will seek an interim payment that covers all of these costs, as well as things like alterations to housing and even additional support and respite for carers, if family members are providing some of the necessary care themselves.

What if my upper body injury means I can't go back to work?

If you will never be able to work again, because of an upper body injury that wasn't your fault, this permanent loss of income - for you and any family carers – will form part of your claim for a full and final settlement. Alternatively, if you may be able to work again, but not at the job you did before the accident, then your full and final settlement may include money to help cover the cost of retraining to do another job.

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Around 98% of the claims handled on behalf of our clients are No Win No Fee. That means you will never be out of pocket with Claims Direct.

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