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Your Guide to skin and muscle injury claims

If you have suffered skin or muscle injuries, you need help and guidance from experienced lawyers.

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What are skin and muscle injuries?

Your skin isn't just a covering for muscle and bone; it is actually the biggest organ of your body, making up about 16% of your body's weight. It is also incredibly delicate, meaning that injuries like serious burns can be life threatening. Your muscles account for 30-40% of your body mass, and while muscles aren't vital organs, you need all 650 of yours to work properly in order to enjoy life to the full. So if you have suffered a muscle or skin injury, you should never underestimate the importance of getting the compensation you deserve.

How serious is my burn injury?

If you have received a burn injury, you have probably heard it being referred to as a First, Second, Third or Fourth Degree burn. This is what those descriptions mean:

  • First Degree Burns: These affect only the very top layer of skin, causing pain and redness, but without blistering. Mild sunburn is a typical first degree burn injury
  • Second Degree Burns: These happen when the first and the second layers of skin have been damaged. This will be a very painful burn, which will probably blister and may leave a scar
  • Third Degree Burns: These burns destroy both layers of the skin and the tissue underneath
  • Fourth Degree Burns: The most serious burns destroy skin, muscle and even bone, and can be life threatening

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How serious is my muscle injury?

If you have sprained, strained or torn a muscle, there are three grades that help doctors and your lawyers to understand how serious they are:

  • Grade 1: This is a mild muscle strain, which will be tender to the touch. In most cases, you will recover from a grade 1 injury in a few days
  • Grade 2: This is where the muscle will be partially torn, causing a lot of pain and meaning that recovery may take several weeks or longer
  • Grade 3: This is where a muscle has torn in two. In many cases, you will need an operation to stitch the muscle back together, and a full recovery might take many months

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