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Your guide to life changing injury claims

If you or a loved one has suffered a life changing injury, you need help from experienced lawyers.

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What is a life-changing injury?

The human body is an amazing thing, with the ability to repair itself even after the most serious accidents. But sometimes an accident is so catastrophic that the injuries will change your life – and the lives of your family – forever. When that happens, you need lawyers who understand the challenges that things like spinal injuries, head injuries and amputations can bring, and who have the expertise you need to obtain financial and medical support as soon as possible, and for the rest of your life.

Can you get me an interim payment?

In many cases where people have suffered life-changing injuries, we will ask the 'at fault' party's insurers to make an interim payment as soon as they have accepted liability. This is a payment that helps you to avoid financial hardship – as it's probable that you and possibly other family members will be unable to work at this stage – and to pay for any rehabilitation you need as soon as possible. In some cases, this interim payment will also help to pay for things like alterations to your home and even your car, as well as on-going nursing care and other medical expenses.

How long will a full and final settlement take to arrive?

When you have suffered a catastrophic injury, you naturally want to get as much of your life back as possible: and that's what your compensation is intended to achieve. We almost always ask for an interim payment to help stave off financial problems, but full and final settlements can't always be rushed. That's because before we recommend that you accept a full and final settlement offer, we need to know that the money is enough to give you the best possible life, for the rest of your life. So as well as a professional assessment of your injuries, we need to know if your condition is likely to get worse later in life, and if so, how much the extra care you might need will cost. Full and final settlements are just that: so it's usually far more important to get the figure right than to get it quickly.

What will my full and final settlement have to cover?

Once a full and final settlement is agreed, you can never go back to claim more compensation, even if your condition gets worse. That's why a full and final settlement figure for life-changing, catastrophic injuries can include carefully calculated amounts for all of these things:

  • Medical treatment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Mobility aids and domestic equipment
  • Nursing care
  • Support for family carers
  • Re-housing costs or adaptations to your home
  • Vehicle adaptations

No Win No Fee

Will you offer it to me?

Around 98% of the claims handled on behalf of our clients are No Win No Fee. That means you will never be out of pocket with Claims Direct.

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