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What will my injury lawyer do for me?

Injury compensation lawyers can do a lot for you, starting with being honest about your claim. Find out more with our handy guide.

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What can my injury lawyer do for me?

If you've been injured or made ill and it was someone else's fault, you have every right to talk to a claims lawyer about getting compensation. So what will an injury lawyer do for you? First, they'll give you an honest opinion about your chances of success. Then if they believe your claim could succeed, they'll start the claims process on your behalf. Find out more below, or talk to one of our friendly advisors on 0800 175 7900.

What's the first thing my claims lawyer should do?

Your lawyer's biggest job is to act in your best interests at all times. So after they have listened to the facts, and looked at all of the evidence, the first thing they need to do is offer you an honest opinion about your chances of success.

If there isn't enough evidence to make a successful claim – either about the incident or who was responsible – then it's in your best interests to know that as soon as possible. Even if it isn't what you want to hear.

Having said that, in most cases, where you have been harmed and it was someone else's fault, they will be able to tell you that you have a good case, and also how much compensation you might expect to receive.

They will also talk you through the claims process, and discuss how your claim will be paid for. If you are a member of a Trade Union, or have Legal Cover as part of your home or car insurance, you may be able to get your case paid for by your union or insurance company. If not, your lawyer may offer to make your case a conditional fee agreement, and explain how this works.

What does a claims lawyer do during the case?

First things first, your lawyer will write a Letter of Claim to the party they believe is at fault for your injury setting out the reason for the claim. The other party can then accept or deny liability. If they accept liability your lawyer will then negotiate an 'out of court' settlement. If the other side denies liability, your lawyer will work with you to gather more evidence to support your claim. This may involve sending you to see a medical expert to assess your injuries.

If liability is accepted, your lawyer will tell you what they think your claim should be worth, but also ask you what you are prepared to accept. This gives them the facts they need to start negotiations with the other side. Importantly, they will never accept an offer, unless it is for a figure you have agreed to.

If the other side won't accept liability, your lawyer will advise you on the chances of success in a court case; and if you both agree that's the best route to take, they will start a claim, and act for you in court.

If you have a good case, the court will award you the compensation you are entitled to, which the 'at fault' party – or their insurers – will have to pay.

No Win No Fee

Will you offer it to me?

Around 98% of the claims handled on behalf of our clients are No Win No Fee. That means you will never be out of pocket with Claims Direct.

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