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How Long Does it Take to Get Accident Compensation Money?

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How Long Does it Take to Get Accident Compensation Money?

When someone suffers personal injuries in an accident and they want to claim compensation, one of the things they usually want to know is how long does it take to get paid the compensation money?

The answer depends very much on the type of accident, the type of injury, what is in dispute and who is on the other side. In some personal injury cases the compensation could be received in a matter of weeks or months, but in other cases such as Asbestos claims and medical negligence compensation it can take years.

When there is no dispute from the other side, and they accept being responsible for the accident, this can potentially result in an early compensation settlement. This is particularly the case when there are experienced people on the other side who can assess the loss and make an early compensation settlement offer.

However, sometimes even when there is no dispute as to who or what was responsible for the accident that caused the injury, the compensation claim may take longer simply because it isn’t immediately clear how serious the injury is, or exactly what the consequences of that injury could be both in the near future and long term.

For example, someone might suffer a back injury which doesn’t seem too serious to start with but which gets worse in the months following the accident. In this situation, it can sometimes be worth getting further medical evidence as to what the experts think will happen to the injury after it has taken a turn for the worse.

Another example might be someone who has injured their shoulder and at first is able to return to work without any problems. However, over time they gradually find work more difficult until finally they are no longer able to continue working due to the injury. In that case, it once again might be worth waiting to see how the injury fairs or is predicted to fair and avoiding settling the case too early.

The other extreme to an early compensation settlement is the case where everything is in dispute. This might be because it’s a particularly aggressive insurance company, or it might simply be because there is a dispute about what happened in the accident or how the injury is predicted to progress in the future.

Overall, an early personal injury compensation settlement can obviously be welcome for the simple reason that it avoids the stress of an ongoing case. But on the other hand, with certain types of accident compensation cases if you settle too early you can risk receiving a much smaller amount of compensation if you hang on until the extent of the injury becomes more clear.So it all depends on the facts of each particular accident case and it just goes to emphasise the importance of having a very experienced team of Personal Injury Lawyers on your side, who can help you come to the right decision at each stage of the claim.

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