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How Long Does it Take to Settle a Personal Injury Claim?

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How Long Does it Take to Settle a Personal Injury Claim?

There is no telling how long it takes to settle a personal injury claim. It all depends on the type of claim and the circumstances. There is no ‘one size fits all’.

Before making a personal injury claim there are two important things that you need to establish.

The first thing is liability – is there someone to blame for causing your accident and injury? If so, is there proof and has the person admitted they are at fault?

The second thing is medical evidence – this is the proof you need that shows your injuries are a direct result of the accident you are claiming compensation for. You can obtain this evidence from the doctor who diagnosed your injuries.

No two personal injury claims are the same:

Example One - A simple slip and trip case

The claimant tripped over a loose paving stone on the pavement and sustained a broken ankle – as stated in the claimant’s medical records obtained as medical evidence – and the council who were responsible for that loose stone admitted liability (fault/blame) and awarded the claimant £500 compensation for the claimant’s injuries. This claim could take 12 months or less if everyone involved supplies the relevant information promptly when asked to do so by the personal injury solicitor acting for the claimant.

Example Two – A complex employer liability case

An employee injures themselves on machinery that didn’t have the required guarding to prevent accidents. The machine jerked trapping the employee’s hand and breaking all fingers. The employer refused to admit liability and blamed the employee for not taking more care on the machine, regardless of the medical evidence and investigation by the Health and Safety Executive that proves the employee wasn’t at fault. Cases like these where there is a dispute that is difficult to resolve could take 2 years or more to settle.

Personal injury is a vast area of law with many aspects to it. From the two examples above, you can clearly see the differences in the circumstances of each case. This is why the length of time to settle a claim can’t be predicted.

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