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3 Things Builders Should Check Before Working on Construction Sites

If you have an accident at work that is a result of poor management, a lack of appropriate training or flawed work processes you have the right to claim compensation.


Apprentice Electrician Killed at Work After Fatal Electric Shock

An apprentice electrician died when he fell head first from a ladder after he was electrocuted while inspecting lights in an accident at work.


Wine Society Recalls 15,000 Bottles of Prosecco

A number of Prosecco bottles shattering has led to a massive product recall by The Wine Society. Find out more and if your wine may be affected.


6 Tips to Avoid an Appliance Catastrophe

Faulty appliances can be very dangerous. Claims Direct have put together 6 tips to help prevent incidents occurring in your home and help avoid injuries.


When is an Allotment Injury Someone Else’s Fault?

What can you do if you’re injured in an accident that wasn't your fault on your allotment? Personal Injury Lawyer discusses council liability.