Crane Company Fined for Ignoring Improvement Notices

Crane Company Fined for Ignoring Improvement Notices

A London based company that specialises in making steel products has been struck with a £13,333 fine after ignoring their Improvement Notice.

In 2011, William Fry Fabrications Limited was given an Improvement and Prohibition Notice for failing to thoroughly examine a couple of their cranes. Cranes must be examined every year for safety, so by not checking their cranes between 2012 and 2015 they broke the law.

What is an Improvement Notice?

An Improvement Notice is a notice of improvement given to employers who are thought to be breaking health and safety laws. They are then given the chance to correct what it is they’re doing wrong.

Inspectors from the Health and Safety Executive can issue companies with an Improvement Notice for breaking health and safety laws, or if they can prove they have reason to believe they are breaching health and safety laws.

In this case William Fry Fabrications Limited broke Lifting Equipment Regulations by continuing to use cranes which had not been examined for safety.

What do employers have to do to comply with an Improvement Notice?

They have to take appropriate action. This could be making a physical change to a workplace in order to make it safer for the workers. Alternatively, it could be to alter the way in which work is carried out because in some cases by changing the work process you can create safer working spaces and practices.

Once a company has been issued an Improvement Notice they have to comply with it before the end of their ‘compliance period’. This is normally within 21 days of when the notice was issued.

What happens if employers don’t follow an Improvement Notice?

Companies can appeal their Improvement Notice with the Employment Tribunal within the compliance period. Failure to comply with an Improvement Notice after this time period is up can lead to fines.

It’s in everyone’s interest to follow the instructions of Improvement Notices so as to create a safe work environment and to prevent injuries to people whilst at work.

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