The ‘British Summer’ and Flip-Flops Don’t Mix

The ‘British Summer’ and Flip-Flops Don’t Mix

A ‘British Summer’ typically means more rain than sun, so even though you’re out and about dressed for summer, you could run into an unexpected downpour.

You should be mindful of your choice of summer footwear in particular. When it’s hot outside, people tend to wear sandals or flip-flops, which is only natural in our rare British heat.

However, if for instance, you’re wearing flip-flops or sandals in sunny weather whilst out shopping and suddenly get caught in a downpour, dashing inside a shopping centre with tiled floors, wet from the rain, could cause you to slip and fall in your no longer appropriate footwear and potentially injure yourself.

Legally, under premise liability, shops and businesses are responsible for ensuring their property is safe from defects and anything that could potentially cause injury to both members of the public and employees.

Shops and businesses have a duty of care to anyone on the premises, and so if the floor happens to be wet from rain or from other spillages, they are required to warn members of the public of such hazards. The warning should be in the form of a yellow wet floor sign placed on or around the slippery area.

If wet floor or spillages are not highlighted with a wet floor warning sign, the establishment could be breaching their duty of care, and therefore considered negligent.

The exception to not exercising a duty of care is permitted if management or other employees of the establishment haven’t had a reasonable amount of time to discover the wet floor or spillage. For example, five minutes wouldn’t be a reasonable amount of time, but longer than that could be considered time enough to discover the hazard, place the wet floor sign close to it and take action to remove/clear it up.

You are entitled to make a claim for compensation if you have been injured through no fault of your own in an accident caused by a wet floor that wasn’t clearly identifiable with a wet floor sign.

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