Can I Claim Compensation if my Child is Hurt in a Playground?

Claim Compensation if my Child is Hurt in a Playground?

In the UK, roughly 40,000 children are seen in hospital every year due to injuries sustained in public playgrounds. It’s estimated that more than double the number of children that are hurt don’t need medical attention.

Accidents happen for numerous reasons; some will be innocent and simply caused by kids being kids. But then there are those accidents that could have been avoided. Childhood injuries can cause ongoing problems into later life, and some are completely life changing.

Playground accidents can happen for a number of different reasons. Here’s a few to consider:

• Poor equipment design
• Failure of the equipment to adhere to public safety standards
• Poor design and layout
• Incorrect installation
• Unsuitable equipment for the intended age group
• Poor maintenance

They can also happen because children aren’t supervised, they’re wearing inappropriate footwear or clothing, or the weather conditions make the equipment hazardous.

The equipment that causes the most number of accidents is swings, which account for 40% of equipment related injuries every year. It doesn’t necessarily mean that swings are the most dangerous, just that there are more of them and they are the most popular with children. The most dangerous equipment in play parks are overhead rotating bars.

Playground managers are responsible for making sure that the equipment is safe and in a good working order. Any protective surfaces around equipment must be suitable for play and maintained regularly.

If equipment and surfaces aren’t looked after, and you or your child is hurt whilst in the playground, then you can claim compensation from the management company. Normally, this is the local council but sometimes private operators provide playgrounds for the public. There will usually be signs around the park telling you who to contact in the case of any enquiries.

In the case of an accident make sure you note the time, place, what equipment was being used, and if you can, take photographs of what caused the injury. When a child gets hurt the last thing you will be thinking of is compensation but if you can get the details for witnesses to the event it can really help put together the events that led to the injury.

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