Claiming Council Compensation after an Accident

Claiming Council Compensation after an Accident

East Sussex County Council has paid £1.7 million in personal injury compensation over the past four years. The amount covers professional fees as well as compensation claims due to the poor conditions of public footpaths and pavements.

The magnitude of this may be taken from a comparison to Kent County Council, which covers a larger area and paid out the smaller sum of under £500,000 in similar personal injury claims since March 2012.

East Sussex County Council have declared that they have been forced to make cuts, including a rural bus service and saving money by switching off street lights, but because of the hazardous conditions of their public pavements have had no choice but to pay out the colossal amount of compensation over the past years to people injured in a slip, trip or fall.

Pavements in Rye in East Sussex reportedly receive constant complaints, regarding the dangerous conditions pedestrians face when walking on public footpaths.

Injuries caused by uneven pavements, road surfaces and potholes are some of the most common accidents in the UK. Many people injured in a public place are uncertain who to contact or where blame should be placed for an accident that wasn’t their fault. Inside someone’s house, or a shop or restaurant, it would be clearer where the liability would lie in the event of an accident, but when walking down a public footpath or along a pavement in town it is often unknown to whom you should make your complaint.

It is the local council's responsibility to maintain public pavements and roads and ensure they are in a condition that allows pedestrians to walk safely to their destination without fear of an injury. In the event of an accident in public, it is important to gather as much evidence of the incident as possible.

This may include witnesses to your trip or fall, and photographs of the accident site including your injuries and the conditions of the pavement.

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