Eight Broken Ribs in Fall from Height Accident in Birmingham

Eight Broken Ribs in Factory Fall from Height

A Wood Machinist had a dangerous fall in a factory in Birmingham. The accident took place on the 29th of August 2014 when Alan Sweet was removing electrical conduits from the roof space in A Edmonds and Co Ltd’s factory.

Mr Sweet was using both hands to saw through a large section of pipe when he fell off. Falling 3.6 meters to the floor below, where his colleague was holding the ladder, he broke eight ribs. Five of these broken ribs were each damaged in three places. Mr Sweet also suffered lacerations to his shin, knee and elbow, broke a finger and cut open his head.

The Health and Safety Executive launched an investigation into the accident at work and discovered that the equipment they were using was not appropriate for the task they were carrying out. Worse still neither Mr Sweet nor his colleague had received training on working safely at height.

The Health and Safety Executive investigation concluded that A Edmonds and Co Ltd were at fault for the fall from height because of their failure to organise, plan and supervise work at height in an appropriate manner. As a result the company was fined £7,000 and had to pay costs of £1,198 for breaching work height regulations.

The Work at Height Regulations (2005) made employers duty to protect their employees from falling from height a part of the law. Employers in the UK must now ensure that their employees don’t work at height unless they have the right experience and have completed training. The task must be necessary, if it is possible to complete the work without working at height that option should be taken, and the equipment must be appropriate.

In preparation for work tasks employers should undertake a risk assessment and plan the activity and supervision for the task. With this knowledge it is easy to see the shortcomings of A Edmonds and Co Ltd. They let their untrained employee undertake the task of removing electrical conduits without appropriate planning, without the supervision of an experienced colleague and without the correct equipment.

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