A lotta lotta Ladder Accidents

A lotta lotta Ladder Accidents

Every year there are around 80 serious injuries in the UK caused by falling from height.

Falls from height are the third highest cause of fatal injuries so working at height is no laughing matter. Your employer should always plan how to safely work at height in order to avoid accidents.

The most common fall from height accident is people injuring themselves falling off ladders. Two recent examples of workers injuring themselves falling off a ladder help to illustrate how dangerous working from height can be when your employer doesn’t provide you with adequate protection.

While fixing a scrolling billboard in Greenwich, London a worker from outside advertising company Titchfield Limited fell from his ladder. The fall from height broke his arm and pelvis. Meanwhile in Stockport, a man from Greater Manchester was working for Solutions SK Ltd installing cables for an alarm system when his ladder slipped. The worker jumped from the slipping ladder and broke his heel from the impact of hitting the ground.

In court both the employers involved in these fall from height accidents were found guilty of breaching work at height regulations. Tichfield Limited was made to pay £3,201 and an extra victim charge of £140. It was revealed that Solutions SK Ltd failed to adequately plan the billboard repair and had no procedures in place for planning work at height.

You should only be asked by your employer to work on a ladder for a short amount of time. They must complete a risk assessment first which shows that a ladder is suitable because there is a low level of risk and the work will not take long (less than 30 minutes). The ladder should be level and stable and secured when possible.

You can secure a ladder with an effective ladder stability device, by tying the top stiles, tying part way down or wedging the stiles against a wall. When this is not possible foot the ladder as a last resort. If you have been asked to work on a ladder your employer should give you training for how to work safely. This training could take place on the job under the supervision of an experienced member of staff.

If you have had a fall from a ladder at work you can claim compensation for your injuries from your Employers’ Liability Insurance. This can help to make up for the pain and suffering you have experienced and pay for rehabilitation costs and cover any loss of earnings.

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