Police Shoot Dog Following Traumatic Attack on Owner

Police Shoot Dog Following Traumatic Attack on Owner

A dog owner in Bolton was mauled by his pet, leaving police no choice but to shoot the dog dead.

A man was attacked by his pet pit bull at his home in Bolton, Greater Manchester. He was left with deep bite wounds and a suspected broken arm. Police were called when paramedics were unable to tend to the man, due to the dog’s aggressive behaviour. As a result, the police had no choice but to shoot the dog as a last recourse, and the owner was taken to hospital for surgery and treatment of his injuries.

A Police Inspector commented, “Clearly, the destruction of any animal is not something we as a police force take lightly and in this instance, considerable efforts were made to control the animal. However, the dog continued to behave in such an aggressive way and its demeanour was such that we could not attend to the man who had been seriously injured, and therefore the decision was made to destroy the dog before anyone else could be hurt or the victim himself sustained further, life-changing injuries.”

This traumatic event reflects poorly on the owner, with the Police Inspector pointing out that the “ultimate responsibility lies with the owner of the dogs.” This is seemingly an example of the fact that dangerous dogs are bred, not born.

Most animal attacks in the UK are caused by dogs and dog bite compensation claims are common. The extensive injuries suffered by the Bolton man are the result of a dog that had been neglected in care.

Dog owners and keepers are responsible for ensuring that their dogs don’t cause injury to people.

The Dangerous Dogs Act requires owners of some dog breeds to keep them muzzled when in public, while guard dogs must have an experienced dog handler and a warning notice about them.

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