Do you Know the Hazards in Your Workplace?

Do you Know the Hazards in Your Workplace?

When starting a new job, it is expected that you will take part in some sort of health and safety training. This ensures that you are aware of hazards in the workplace, and that you would know how to act in the event of an accident – namely avoiding them in the first place. Training offers employers peace of mind in knowing that their staff have knowledge of the potential risks for accidents and injuries throughout the working day.

Whether you’ve been at your job for a week, a year or a decade, accidents happen, and even the most conscientious of workers could fall victim to a workplace accident that isn’t their fault. But often it’s the case that, when comfortable in your surroundings, it is easy to let your guard down.

So to avoid becoming one of the many people injured in a workplace accident take a quick look at the most common workplace hazards. This might point out risks you hadn’t thought of, or at least fine-tune your senses.

Physical hazards are the things around the workplace that could result in a trip or fall, or physical harm; this can be everything from spilt liquids, or belongings left in the middle of the floor, to frayed electrical cords and machinery-related hazards.

Ergonomic hazards are due to the type of work you do and the strain on your body. Examples of this are workstations and chairs set incorrectly so that your posture is unsupported, lifting things incorrectly, a repetition of strenuous movements and vibration.

Chemical hazards may affect any worker exposed to chemicals during the working day. This ranges from severe conditions such as exposure to Asbestos, to every day chemicals that could cause skin irritation or breathing problems.

Biological hazards are associated with working with animals and infectious plant materials. Public institutions such as schools, universities and nursing homes may potentially expose you to biological hazards in the same way as laboratories or medical facilities. Blood and bodily fluids, mold, bacteria, bites and droppings are sources of biological hazards.

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