Brave Survivor of Vicious Dog Attack Takes on Peak Challenge

Victim of Dog Attack now Fit for Mount Kilimanjaro

At the age of 13, Rachel Wisniewski was the victim of a vicious dog attack. At 19, she is studying Law at the University of Warwick and preparing to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

In 2008, Rachel was at a friend’s house in Freckleton near Warton, Lancashire when a bull mastiff attacked her. The dog mauled off her lower lip and chin.

The schoolgirl suffered horrific personal injuries that required extensive surgery to rebuild her face, including a skin graft from her arm to repair the damage, followed by a chin implant and lip reconstruction.

Of the surgery, Rachel said, “I’m pleased with the results of the surgery. I’m really happy with the way it looks. It has definitely helped boost my confidence.”

To suffer an animal attack is a traumatic experience that results in emotional distress and psychological scarring as well as physical injuries. Animal attack compensation claims are sadly common, with most caused by dogs. Children are at a greater risk than adults.

Taking Positive Steps in Recovery

With courage and rehabilitation, Rachel has taken positive steps in recovery to the point she is now to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for charity in wanting to “give something back.”

Following such a horrific incident as an animal attack, its difficult to imagine how money could make a difference to the suffering caused by physical injuries and emotional distress, but a successful compensation claim can help to take a positive step, ensuring that you receive the care and rehabilitation needed for a full recovery.

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