Ankle Injury No Limp Excuse for Justin Beiber

Is Ankle Injury a Limp Excuse for Justin Beiber?

Justin Beiber was unable to complete five days of community service due to an ankle sprain. Many questioned whether this was a limp excuse from the off-the-rails singer who was sentenced to complete five days of community service for egging his neighbours house in 2014.

Beiber has however already paid back $80,900 in damages to repair his neighbour’s home and is completing the anger management sessions he has been ordered to attend. The millionaire popstar gave additional reasons such as spending time in the recording studio and taping TV shows to explain why he was unable to fulfil the community work. However the main factor was his Ankle Injury.

The judge was satisfied after seeing a chiropractor’s report that stated the singer should stay off his feet for a week in early January. Having listened to Beibers lawyer, who said Justin Beiber is expecting to complete the community service and remaining anger management sessions before his next court date, the judge allowed him more time to comply with the sentence.

Beiber sustained the ankle injury playing football. One of the most common personal injuries is ankle ligament injury. These are found frequently in football, rugby and other sports. Some people are struck with rehabilitation costs and a loss of earnings due to ankle ligament and soft tissue injuries. You have a legal right to claim for compensation for these costs and any suffering you have incurred when you have been injured through no fault of your own.

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