Could the Most Unsafe Work Site in the UK be in Altrincham?

The Most Unsafe UK Work Site Could be in Altrincham

A site in Altrincham accumulated so many health and safety warnings it might just be the least safe place to work in the UK.

The site failed safety tests in so many different areas it looks as if it was aiming for some sort of world record. Over the course of just six months, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspectors had to serve the site’s project manager three Prohibition Notices, two Notifications of Contravention and four Improvement Notices.

There are many different workplace hazards that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) look for when they visit a site. If an HSE investigation discovers unsafe work practices or hazards then the employer can get fined a lot of money. Perhaps the Altrincham site manager, who was overseeing renovations turning a shop on Kingsway into three apartments, wanted to collect fines.

The number of health and safety failings Peter Lawrence accumulated in just three site visits is staggering. Here is a list of some of the problems recorded at the site:

• Fire safety failings

• Unsafe electrical supply

• Unsafe scaffolding

• Unsafe work at height

• Possible disturbance of asbestos

This is not to mention the lack of safety equipment, the lack of planning required to ensure that work gets carried out in a safe manner and lack of welfare facilities. Could this be the worst work site in the UK? Despite the location being a small construction site, it is lucky that nobody got killed or seriously injured there because there were such a lot of serious health and safety breaches.

Your employer has a duty to provide you and your colleagues with a safe working environment. They should also give you some sort of health and safety training and highlight any potential hazards you are likely to encounter in your work. After Mr Lawrence ignored notices from the HSE he was fined £8,000 (plus £4,802 costs) for putting his workers and subcontractors lives at risk.

If you see something at work that doesn’t seem right and could potentially be unsafe you should report it because it might prevent a workplace accident.

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