Does your Rented Property Resemble Faulty Towers?

Is your Rented Property Free from Personal Injury Hazards?

A personal injury can occur at any time in any place. If you were injured at home in your rented property, you could have grounds for a claim if you were injured due to a product supplied by your landlord which was faulty or by any of the fixtures or fittings included as part of your tenancy.

As a tenant, you should have a tenancy agreement that contains all the relevant information about the terms and conditions of your tenancy, including who is responsible for certain aspects of the property.

If your property was furnished when you moved in, your landlord should ensure that all of the furniture is in a good condition and not in any way faulty so that it can’t cause you to sustain a personal injury.

All the flooring should be adequate to ensure it isn’t a tripping hazard; this includes carpet that may be situated on the stairs.

Your landlord should also ensure that gas and electricity supplies are in a good working order and there isn’t a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or electrocution. Similarly, any large products such as white goods or smaller ones such as kettles, toasters etc. should be fully functioning and not faulty.

If any products supplied by your landlord are faulty or defective in any way, you should stop using the item to prevent any potential injury to yourself and contact your landlord to report the issue immediately.

You can check if any of the products supplied by your landlord have been recalled by checking the defective products register on the Electrical Safety First website.

Faulty and defective products cause hundreds of injuries in British homes every year and are to blame for numerous house fires, burns and electric shocks that can cause lasting damage.

If you have been injured due to a faulty product, fixture or fitting within a rented property, Claims Direct lawyers will be able to assess your case on a No Win No Fee basis.

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