Heroism Bill One Step Closer to Becoming Law

Heroism Bill One Step Closer to Becoming Law

Last week HM Government's Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Bill got one step closer to becoming law.

But in doing so it received pointed criticism from Lord Pannick in particular.

So what is this grandly named piece of legislation all about anyway? Well, what the Government wants to do is to try and stop people from making a claim when this might put a stop to something worthwhile happening in society as a result. In particular when people are acting to help in an emergency.

The problem with this is that it really doesn’t seem to add a great deal to what was already said several years ago in the Compensation Act 2006.

But worse than this is that it seems to reflect a need for the Government to give a knee-jerk reaction to the idea that people can make a claim for compensation when they are injured due to somebody else’s fault.

This might be all very well unless you are the person injured or you know someone who is injured. Or if you’re the person who has lost their job and therefore their means of paying their mortgage and supporting their family due to someone else’s negligence.

This is the real shame with not only this Bill but also with speeches and articles which generalise about people making a claim for compensation. Because above all they don’t truly address the point that these claims aren’t simply an identical collection of legal actions dreamt up by imaginative lawyers.

On the contrary, each case has its very own specific facts and its very own specific participants. Each case has its very own history of painful injury and sometimes long periods of suffering and recovery.

So it’s not a matter of stopping good things happening in society. But on the other hand, it would be helpful not to forget that personal injury claims arise not only out of someone being injured and suffering loss but also out of someone actually being at fault in the first place.

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