Butcher Gets Compensation in Amputation Claim

Butcher Claims Amputation Compensation for Work Accident

A Somerset butcher has returned to work with a prosthesis after losing a limb in a work accident.

16-year-old Tom Stevens, apprentice at P & K Meats in Somerset was the victim of a work accident that cost him his dominant hand when using a mincing machine during his apprenticeship. His hand was trapped for half an hour when paramedics performed the amputation to free him from the machine.

P & K Meats accepted responsibility and acknowledged flaws in their health and safety procedures, including insufficient training and the lack of a safety guard fitted to the machine that posed as “a serious risk of physical harm.” Owner Paul Jeffrey was ordered to pay £15,000 in fines and court fees, with the victim’s amputation compensation claim being dealt with by his boss’s insurance.

Amputation and loss of limb compensation claims offer a way for many victims to move forward and leave the accident behind. Though Tom Stevens’ work accident was of horrific nature, resulting in the amputation of his right hand, his story of recovery and return to work is exemplary of the importance of early rehabilitation in getting back on track. Following a successful amputation compensation claim, he was able to return to work 28 days after the accident.

In the traumatic event of an amputation, early rehabilitation is crucial in adjusting to the loss of a limb and in taking positive steps towards the future.

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