AA Tips for Driving in Snow and Ice

AA Tips for Driving in Snow and Ice

The recent spate of cold winter weather has been a good reminder of the particular need at this time of year to be safe on the road.

With this in mind the AA has published some very helpful tips for driving in winter.

The point is that roads are dangerous places at the best of times and this is only exacerbated when the cold and sometimes freezing weather sets in.

Right from when you get in the car, for example, you need to be considering whether it’s safe to set off. Have you checked that the pressure and tread of your tyres are all okay? Is your battery in good working order? Is there some antifreeze in the cooling system? Do you have more than enough petrol for the journey?

Then there’s the extreme caution you need to be taking when driving in icy road conditions or when there’s a lot of water on road surfaces and that’s not even to mention the reduction in vision that is common in bad weather.

But perhaps the biggest thing of all is remembering that however careful a driver you think you are, you’re also subject to the driving methods of others around you. Your speed, in particular, very much needs to take that into account, as well as the risk that others might not necessarily be quite so alert.

Despite all of this, if you are involved in a road traffic accident, its immediate aftermath is not the time for debating the rights and wrongs and who is at fault. The safety and well-being of everyone involved in the accident, together with that of other road users, must be absolutely paramount and therefore, depending on the severity of the collision, the emergency services should be called.

If you have a minor incident and you’re both in a fit state to do so, you should exchange your driving licence and insurance details. In some instances, photos of the road accident scene or even a dashboard-mounted camera might help you at a later stage. Writing down or recording what happened at the earliest stage can also help in getting an accurate account of what happened in the accident.

These are all things which are very obviously much better avoided and only go to underline the point about being careful in your car at this particularly dangerous time of the year.

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