Cyclist Considers Compensation after Pothole Accident

Cyclist Mulls Compensation Bid over Pothole Accident 25922

A cyclist has said he is considering taking legal action against his local Council after suffering multiple injuries caused by a pothole.

Tony Webber, who works for the University of Surrey in a hospitality role, was travelling home from a friend's house when the pothole accident took place.

"Woke Up in Hospital"

Mr Webber was riding his bike along Stoughton Road, near Stoke New Cemetery, earlier this month when he crashed into a pothole in the middle of a road. Speaking to local news source Get Surrey, the cyclist said, "The next thing I knew I woke up four-and-a-half hours later in hospital."

The man was later told that the front of his bicycle had dropped into the pothole and flipped him over face first onto the concrete, where his nose was broken and slit open and a number of other injuries were sustained.

Upon arriving at hospital, the injured cyclist was told he had also fractured an eye socket and would need stitches to his nose and eyebrows, while the force of the impact caused his teeth to shred through his lips.

"Knocked out after Hitting Pothole"

"I don't remember anything after the first moment I hit the pothole," he said. "I was just lying on the road in the night in a pool of blood. Luckily a GP happened to pass me and picked me up and had me taken to the hospital."

Mr Webber added, "I was on my hospital bed when I came to and everything was hurting. I couldn't believe it, but in a way I suppose I was lucky that things weren't much worse."

While Mr Webber was not wearing a cycling helmet when he crashed, doctors told him that it would not have helped him avoid injury, as he hit his face and not the top or back of his head, which would have been protected by the helmet.

In fact, physicians claimed that if he was wearing a helmet, the chin strap could have broken his jaw and required further treatment.


When Mr Webber called the Council to inform them of his pothole accident injuries and ask them to fix the road, he was "shocked" at how poor his treatment was. According to the Surrey man, the local Council "didn't sound bothered at all", leading him to brand the situation "disgraceful".

Mr Webber is now considering claiming for bicycle accident compensation for his injuries.

"Council Unable to Comment"

A spokesperson for Surrey County Council said that it was unable to comment on the situation because no report has been received from Surrey Police, but added that no injuries on Stoughton Road related to potholes had been relayed to its road maintenance department in the last seven years.

The representative added that the council regularly checks the condition of roads to make sure dangerous potholes are not left untreated.

It is not currently known when Mr Webber plans to submit his compensation claim, or whether the council will apologise and settle outside of Court with the University of Surrey worker in order to negotiate a lower fee.

By Francesca Witney