Car Accident Compensation Claims Explained

Car Accident Compensation Claims Explained

If you are injured in a car accident which isn’t your fault you may able to claim compensation. If the injury stops you from working then you may also claim for lost wages.

Regardless of what type of car accident you are injured in, for example, it might be a rear end collision or somebody pulled out in front of you; if you’re injured and you can prove that the other driver is at fault then you may well have a successful car accident compensation claim.

This is also possible even if you were partially at fault for the accident. For example, it might be that the car accident was half the fault of one driver and half the fault of another driver and in these circumstances if the case ever went to Court a Judge may well find that it’s a 50-50 case and award liability in your favour but reduce the compensation by 50% due to it also partially being your fault.

It’s always worth talking to a car accident claim Lawyer about this rather than just dismissing the possibility of getting compensation. In many cases getting even 50% of the compensation helps people to recover from their injuries, and helps them to put the whole experience behind them.

One area that can sometimes cause complications is if the car accident happened abroad, regardless of whether you were driving your own car or driving a hire car. But once again, if you can show fault against the other driver then you may well be able to claim compensation not only for any injury but also for the losses, such as loss of earnings, which might result from that injury.

So, for example, you might have suffered a whiplash injury to the neck or a lower back injury. If that’s the case then with the help of medical evidence a Court could assess the value of a whiplash claim and award an appropriate amount of compensation. But if the whiplash injury also stops you from working then you may also be able to claim for lost wages. Again, it’s best to get legal advice from a specialist car accident claim Lawyer.

In many car accident claims there are also immediate expenses such damages to the car which might either need fixing or the car may have to be written off as it’s beyond economical repair. So, there is often the need to hire a replacement car which may also potentially be part of the claim.

So, whatever the circumstances are in any type of road traffic accident, if it’s possible that someone else was at least in part at fault for the accident, then it’s worth speaking with a car accident Lawyer that will deal with your compensation claim on a No Win No Fee basis.
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