£100,000 compensation for Carnival cruise ship bug

Holidaymakers share compensation over cruise bug 25621

Four holidaymakers from York have shared part of a six-figure compensation settlement after suffering from severe vomiting sickness on board a cruise ship.

Bill Clasper (77), Mary Clasper (79), Stanley Cooper (73) and Patricia Cooper (71) - long-time friends - decided to go on a trip aboard the luxury Grand Princess liner in 2010, according to the York Press.

But part of the way into the trip, the foursome came down with a severe stomach bug that caused sickness, diarrhoea and terrible stomach cramps that ruined their trip and caused them to lose a substantial amount of weight.

To make up for this, Carnival, which operates the cruise service, has given 45 passengers a lump sum of over £100,000 compensation for the horrific time that they had on their boat.

Commenting on the case, Mr Clasper said: "“It was horrific. We have never been so ill in our lives. Normally when you go on a cruise you put weight on, but this time we lost weight."

"The legal action was not about the money, more about the way we were treated. When we first got on the cruise there was no mention this had been a problem before."

Some passengers said that food was served cold and left uncovered for long periods of time, but this could not be verified and it is unclear if this contributed to the Claspers' and Coopers' illness.

Lawyers representing the foursome said that Carnival must have been aware of the dangers posed by gastric illnesses because a deep clean took place after the first bout of vomiting was reported by passengers.

When approached by the York Press for comment, Carnival refused to release a statement on the matter and did not admit liability for the incident.

Outbreaks of gastric flu are relatively common on board cruise liners, with huge numbers of people all eating from the same kitchen and living within close proximity to each other. 

However, efforts have, in recent years, been taken to reduce the number of people taken ill on cruises - to some success.

By Francesca Witney