Mother gets compensation after son burned

Mother granted compensation after son burned 2843

The mother of a child who was burned by boiling hot chicken fat has successfully won compensation.

Harrison Brewster was spending the day at Kids Academy in Leeds last year when a member of nursery staff tripped over and spilled the hot food on to the infant's leg.

The young boy's mother, Katie, 30, was called to the scene and told that she may want to take her son home because he had minor burns.

However, when Ms Brewster arrived she was shocked at the extent of his burn injuries and thought that an ambulance should have been called. "I was just appalled. Eventually one of the assistants told me what had happened and I was absolutely mortified," she said.

When Harrison was taken to the hospital doctors diagnosed him with second-degree burns and, after an infection developed around the wound, the youngster had to spend three days in hospital.

Upon leaving hospital Ms Brewster took her son out of the Kids Academy school, but was shocked when they sent her a £634 bill for not giving a month's notice. 

At first the nursery claimed it was not at fault for Harrison's wounds, but an assistant later admitted they dropped the chicken fat when they tripped.

Ms Brewster's solicitor said: "The nursery's own prospectus points out the danger presented by adults carrying hot drinks, yet they failed to apply the same standards to fluids from hot food.

"The fact that the hot chicken was even being carried in the nursery area was in itself an act of negligence."

However, after legal proceedings began, Kids Academy admitted it was liable for Harrison's injuries and it paid £10,000 in compensation to the young boy's mother. This money has been put into a trust fund for the child.

A spokesperson for the nursery said an OFSTED investigation had concluded its facilities met all of the legal requirements and no further action is needed. 

The representative added everyone at Kids Academy wishes Harrison and his mother well.

Posted by Chris Stevenson