Cambridgeshire council counts cost of potholes

Cambridgeshire council counts cost of potholes 2846

Cambridgeshire County Council has spent more on compensation claims in the last five years than it has fixing its roads.

A Freedom of Information request has shown the authority spent £1,472,550 to repair damaged roads but has paid out £1,655,489 to compensate drivers for injuries and mechanics bills, according to Cambridgeshire News.

Susan van de Ven, a transport spokesperson on the county council, said: "We need to recognise that while big, exciting infrastructure projects may be on the table we can’t afford not to repair our crumbling roads."

Ms van de Ven added she once saw a man fall out of his wheelchair on a pavement, but when she complained it was found the concrete slab did not qualify for repair because of a complex scoring criteria system officials use.

She said this means a lot of elderly people in the county avoid using pathways they consider risky and this affects their quality of life.

Posted by Francesca Witney