Dog bite compensation paid to injured worker

Council worker claims compensation after dog bite 2776

A Council worker has been paid compensation after a dog bite in the face while he investigated anti-social dog behaviour as part of his job.

Chris Dew, 42, worked as anti-social behaviour inspector for Hackney Council at the time of the accident. He was investigating reports that a number of aggressive dogs were causing trouble for residents of a Council estate in the North London borough; according to the London Evening Standard.

He was discussing the spate of dog problems with one of the home owners whose dogs had been allegedly causing the problems when he heard a barking sound emanating from another area of the house.

Two dogs surged into the room and one of them, a pit-bull type breed, bit Mr Dew in the face, causing a puncture wound that, luckily it only led to a small amount of bleeding.

Both dogs involved in the attack, thought to be dangerous breeds, were destroyed following the attack, as they were deemed to be too aggressive and unstable to be kept alive; especially with the number of previous complaints from other residents.

Following the attack, Hackney Council still sent Mr Dew out on jobs that involved dealing with dangerous dogs, despite his insistence that he was not prepared to face such threats again.

The emotional and physical impact of the dog attack, and the Council's insistence that he carry on attending calls involving dangerous dogs, forced Mr Dew to quit his job. The ex-council worker subsequently fell into a deep depression that was so profound that it forced him to postpone his wedding.

Mr Dew launched legal action against Hackney Council, citing loss of earnings, physical pain and extensive emotional damage; but the case never made it to trial after the authority admitted responsibility and settled out of court.

The ex-council worker won a compensation amount that has not been publicly disclosed.

A spokeswoman for Hackney Homes, which ran the association where the attack happened, said: "A claim made to Hackney Homes was settled by the insurers."

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26/04/2013 16:39