Bradford company fined over 6m fall

Bradford company fined over 6m fall 25653

A Bradford-based firm has been fined for neglecting the safety needs of its staff after a worker fell six metres.

The 46-year-old self-employed man injured in the work accident was hired by MD Construction to remove a number of ventilation turrets from the top of a warehouse roof in Leeds.

But as he was sitting on the ridge of the structure, his knee went through a nearby skylight and he fell to the ground. 

However, the builder escaped with a broken elbow and bruising, even though falls from similar heights have killed others in the construction industry.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) launched an investigation into the incident and found no safety measures had been put in place to stop personnel from falling through skylights and this led MD Construction to be ordered to pay £20,000 to the authorities in fines and costs after a Leeds Magistrates' Court hearing.

By Francesca Witney