Whitesnake fan seeks back injury compensation

Woman seeking compensation after leisure centre slip 2714

Compensation is being sought by a woman who sustained a back injury in an accident in a Leisure Centre.

Lindy Butcher is taking legal action against Newport City Council after she fell over in Newport Leisure Centre in December last year and suffered bruising and soreness in her knees, muscle spasms between her ribs, as well as pain in her back and shoulders, the South Wales Argus reports.

The 39-year-old was attending a Whitesnake gig at the venue with a friend and got hurt when she fell over while on the way to the bar. She helped back to her feet by a fellow gig-goer, who then informed her that she had slipped in a pool of vomit.

Ms Butcher told the news source that she had not been drinking alcohol and was also wearing flat-soled trainers due to the fact she had driven to the concert and described the accident as "horrifying".

She subsequently went to the first aid room at the centre and also visited the front desk to inform members of staff about her back injury, meaning she missed the start of the show.

The venue refunded the cost of the tickets of Ms Butcher and her companion, but the injured women, who is now awaiting physiotherapy after being examined by a doctor, has now opted to sue the Council for back injury compensation on the grounds of negligence.

Legal representatives for Newport City Council have admitted that a member of the crowd had informed staff of the presence of the vomit, but it was not cleared up before the incident involving Ms Butcher even though a cleaner had been called.

"It was extremely busy in the bar and cafe areas and in the absence of any detail concerning the actual whereabouts of the vomit and with so many people in the bars, it was difficult to pinpoint immediately where the vomit was located," the body claims.

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16/08/2012 16:11