Decorator injured in fall from height work accident

Broken bones to lead to compensation claim 2617

A decorator was injured in an accident at work that left him with broken bones. Philip Williams was hospitalised for three weeks after suffering fractures to his hip, ribs and back, as well as internal bleeding, when he fell through a guard rail while he worked at a housing development in Reading.

The 63-year-old decorator was sub-contracted by W Pocock & Sons to work on a house that was under construction. When he leant on a faulty rail he fell from a height of around 2.6 metres to the floor below.

Due to the severity of his work injuries, Mr Williams was unable to return to his job for three months. An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that his employer had failed to ensure the area he was working on was safe.

James Powell of the HSE said, "Mr Williams sustained serious injuries as a result of his fall accident, which could easily have been avoided had the guard rail been adequately secured."

Posted by Francesca Witney