Council awards £90k compensation to teachers

According to the Chelmsford Weekly News, Essex County Council has granted damages of £90,800 to professionals in the teaching industry over the last three years, primarily d…


Hand injury in Blackpool sweet factory accident

An employee at Tangerine Confectionary in Blackpool had the index finger on his left hand severed when it was pulled in to the moving parts of a sweet-making machine.


HSE: Planning crucial to avoid accidents at work

That is the view of a spokesman from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), who has insisted that one of the primary causes of incidents within workplaces that result in staff mem…


Whiplash and your rehabilitation

Why professional rehabilitation case management is often more beneficial than putting a whiplash patient’s care solely in the hands of doctors


Vehicle technician fractured two ribs in work accident

Trevor Muffett suffered two fractured ribs when he became trapped under a lorry while he carried out a routine vehicle check at Orwell Truck and Van in Martlesham, Suffolk.