Residents pursuing compensation from council

According to the Thurrock Gazette, emissions from a month-long blaze at the Rio wood recycling plant in Orsett resulted in many people living in the area suffering from a range of…


Hand injury may result in legal action

The unnamed 20-year-old employee of Kestrel Timber Frame severed part of his left thumb while using a circular saw at the company's depot in Market Depping in May of last year.


Compensation for Holiday Food Poisoning in Spain

The Hancock family all fell ill during their all-inclusive stay at the Holiday Village Viva Picafort resort on the island of Mallorca.


Stress at work 'causing people to skip lunch'

According to figures published in the latest Aviva Health of the Workplace report, some 30 per cent of members of staff do not stop to eat in the middle of their shift, with menta…


Planning 'key to avoiding farming accidents'

That is according to James Hewetson-Brown - manager of a farm in Basingstoke - who has urged fellow workers in the industry to make the health and safety of employees their primar…