Woman to seek compensation after accident in public place

A claim for personal injury compensation is set to be launched by a woman after an accident in a public place left her with a broken leg.

According to the BBC, Karen Dalton has won the right to seek damages from Broxtowe Borough Council following an incident in October 2006, which resulted in her having to undergo an operation after sustaining a fractured thigh.

Ms Dalton tripped on a "loose, raised and wobbling" paving brick in Broxtowe town centre but the local authority initially denied her the right to a compensation settlement as it claimed it would not be in the public interest to do so.

However, the London Appeal Court has now ruled this is not the case, leaving the woman free to take legal action.

Recently, pensioner Terence Wakefield was awarded £3,100 in damages after he suffered a broken wrist when falling over in a public place, the Essex Echo reported.

Posted by Craig Williams

07/07/2011 16:55