Slipping and tripping leads to £27k compensation award

Personal injury compensation of £27,000 has been awarded to a resident by a local authority after an instance of slipping and tripping, it has emerged.

A freedom of information request lodged by The Bolton News revealed that Bolton Council issued 71 damages sums to people in the area throughout 2010 after they had injured themselves by falling on pavements and footpaths, with awards ranging from £850 to £27,000.

Meanwhile, an incident in which a member of staff at a local school tripped over in a car park led to a compensation settlement of £13,750, with a back injury suffered by another individual in an accident at work resulting in a sum of £4,500.

This comes shortly after the news source revealed that Bolton Council had awarded £5,250 in damages to an eight-year-old school pupil after he fell onto a gate, while a 16-year-old student was granted £1,100 after running into a blackboard.

Posted by Craig Williams

18/07/2011 16:49