Pensioner seeking compensation after accident in public place

Personal injury compensation is being pursued by an elderly woman after an accident in a public place in Southsea.

According to The News, Rita Bell sustained bruising and a dislocated hip when her mobility scooter flipped over after she rode through a hole in the pavement near the Pyramids Centre in the town in February of this year.

This hazard was present on the surface due to the fact that the local council had removed a tree but did not fill the resulting hole, which had subsequently filled with rain water - giving the impression it was a puddle.

The 89-year-old is now seeking damages from Portsmouth City Council - which is led by councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson - or the owner of the Pyramids Centre, but this process is currently being delayed as it is unclear which of these bodies is liable.

Ms Bell told the news source: "I used to be so energetic and full of life but now I’ve lost all my confidence."

Posted by Patrick White

18/07/2011 16:46