Managers 'must act to reduce stress at work'

Managers must make sure their members of staff have access to psychological support to reduce the possibility of them struggling with stress at work in the wake of the recession.

That is according to Kevin Friery, clinical director of Right Corecare, who has called on bosses to take greater responsibility for the emotional health and wellbeing of their employees, particularly in these tough economic times.

Mr Friery explained that it is in employers' best interests to help staff discover better ways to deal with the "inevitable pressure" of working life at present.

He noted this is just as important as ensuring individuals can access "task-specific skills" that they need to fulfil their duties as companies require "rounded" staff that can both do their job and "psychologically cope with the pressure of being an employee".

These comments came after the Chartered Management Institute revealed that 39 per cent of workers feel stress levels are too high within their firm.

Posted by Helen Jones

11/07/2011 16:11